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Indu Panday

A professional Indian dancer in the Netherlands. A rare talented artist, mastering both Bharatanatyam and Kathak at an expert level. She started her Bharatnatyam journey at a young age in The Netherlands and in India. Subsequently, she became captivated by Kathak and studied in India with Sri Hari and Smt Chethna Hari. She has been touring nationally and internationally with various dance companies e.g. KalpanArts (NL - 2009), Noopur Performing Arts Center (IND - 2013) and Seeta Patel Dance (UK - 2017).

Indu teaches Kathak in The Hague, aiming to inspire future generations in Indian arts.

Indu studied at this very same University of Amsterdam, graduated cum laude for both her Bachelor's and Master's degree and is a financial controller.


Vithya Arasu

A Bharathanatyam and an Odissi performer holding a Master's degree in Fine arts. She has received her formal training in Nritta Karanas under Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam, Guru Dr. Gayathri Kannan, and Guru Uma Sriram. She received her initial training in Odissi from Guru Kanchana, Guru Surupa Sen, Nrityagram and Guru Biyayini Sathpathy in a workshop. She currently learns Chhau from Guru Rakesh Sai Babu, Kandyan from Guru Shamitha Hettige and Odissi under the guidance of Rukmani Dwivedi.

She is trained by eminent gurus of each style and is known for her unique movement vocabulary and powerful explorations of identity and cultural expression through dance. Her work explores various themes and often incorporates different traditional art elements. Recently, she was awarded "Yuva Kala Bharathi" from Bharat Kalachar in Dec 2022.

Josephine Ramya


Starting off as a student of Smt. Seethalakshmi Srinivasan (Bharatanatyam) from Madurai, Ramya transformed into being a multi-faceted personality. Apart from practicing and performing, she dons the curator/organizer/director hat in making learning programs available through Indira Performing Arts - like Marga Nrtta Karanas course with Smt. Vithya Arasu - and curating events such as the Varnam Salon Deutschland (co-curator). Ramya’s brain-child, Indira Performing Arts is a virtual platform that works to bring art for all and to promote art and artists in Europe. Committed to the cause, she is also serving as a board member of the Indian classical dance association, in Germany. (KITD e.V). A perennially curious student that Ramya is, she has recently completed her Master of Arts program in Bharatanatyam from Tamil University, Thanjavur. Notably, Ramya is also the curator-organizer of this performance along with the European tour (co-curator) of the dancing duo- Shri. Shamitha Hettige and Smt.Vithya Arasu.


Abinaya Arasu


As a senior student of Smt.Vithya Arasu, Abinaya’s training is in Bharatanatyam, Natya Sastra and Odissi. She is a faculty member of Natya Kala Vidyalaya, additionally assisting Smt. Vithya Arasu in several well-received dance workshops across the Indian sub-continent. Touring in cities such as Coimbatore, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad, Abinaya has notably also assisted in Vithya’s lecture demonstration at the esteemed Sangeet Natak Academy, last year.


Eswari Mathan


Originally from India and born in Madurai, the temple city of South India. She has been residing in Delft since 2004 with her husband, Mathan, and they are proud parents of twin boys, Thiraman and Thilakan. Eswari holds degrees in Informatics and Business Administration from India and currently serves as an Application Manager at Rijkswaterstaat. Dance is her true passion, providing balance in her life.


Chandni Sagoeni


A 28-year-old born and raised in Gouda, who now calls Rotterdam her home since her marriage in 2021. Chandni holds a degree in HBO Media & Entertainment Management and graduated in 2017. Currently, she is an Event Producer at TU Delft (Technische Universiteit Delft) and is known for her exceptional organizational skills. Chandni's love for her family, travel, Netflix, the gym, and, of course, dancing, shines through in her vibrant personality. She has been dancing since the age of 8, specializing in Bollywood, Kathak, and Odissi until 2017 when she became a student of Indu, seeking a higher level of dance expertise and specialization in one style.


Graciella Chabboe


A talented 26-year-old dancer residing in Almere. Graciella's journey into the world of dance began at a very young age, and over the past decade, she has honed her skills on the dance floor. What started as a hobby quickly transformed into a lifelong passion. In the past five years, her dance journey took a significant turn as she became a part of the Indu family. Under Indu's guidance, Graciella not only sharpened her technical prowess but also forged a deeper connection with the art of dance. This has allowed her to express emotions and stories through movement and music, adding a personal touch to her dance style. Beyond her love for dance, Graciella is also an avid traveler and a professional in the real estate sector.

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