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Kathak Solo

Rangapravesham is a solo performance or debut performance of a dancer who finishes a long and intensive period of training with a guru. 


After years of classical training in the South Indian dance form bharatanatyam, Indu Panday took up a new challenge and started studying kathak in 2013 under her gurus Sri Hari and Smt. Chethana Hari from Bangalore. In the following two years she has trained in India as well as in The Netherlands and finished this course by giving a solo performance on September 27th, 2015 at the Korzo Theater, The Hague, The Netherlands. 

Kathak is one of the eight Indian classical dance styles. Characteristic to kathak is the footwork - complex rhythms which are emphasized by ankle bells (ghungrus), swift pirouettes (chakars) and graceful movements.  


The dynamic dance duo Sri Hari and Smt Chethana Hari have specialized in the Indian classical dance form Kathak, originated in North India. They create and breathe new life into this dance form as artistic directors through their own training centre Noopur Performing Arts Center, located in Bangalore. Sri Hari and Smt Chethana Hari have created their distinguishing style within the framework of Kathak. They train their students according to the traditional gurukul system to all-round artists and pass on their passion for the arts to them. They received training from renowned gurus and through their dedication and hard work they have received international acclaim. They promote the dance form through performances and seminars both nationally and internationally and have over the course of time spread their knowledge within cultures over the whole world. Their future vision is to create Kathakgram, a holistic cultural center for dance to spread the knowledge of kathak in a gurukul system of training.

See the trailer of Indu´s kathak solo. 

Kathak Recital Indu Panday Photo Credit Varsha Raghoebarsingh
Photo courtesy of Varsha Raghoebarsingh Kathak Ganesh Vandana Nade Bramha

Photo courtesy Varsha Raghoebarsingh

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