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Nirvana is a transcendant state in which there is no suffering, desire nor sense of self, and the subject is released from the effects of karma and the cylce of death and rebirth. 

The charismatic Kathak duo Hari & Chethana stole the hearts of many with their impressive footwork and swirling costumes. At this edition of the festival, they present Nirvana, together with dancers Sirisha Irudaya Raj and Indu Panday; a classical Kathak program where they display their versatility. According to Indian philosophy we are born to liberate our souls. Only when one follows the path of righteousness and renounces all worldly concerns can one achieve this state of redemption. 

Concept choreography, costume design & music Hari & Chethana|dance Hari, Chethana Hari, Sirisha Irudaya Raj and Indu Panday

Check out the trailer of Nirvana

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