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Samarpan literally means 'offering' in Sanskrit. This performance is an offering to the audience but surely also to dance itself.


This piece was created for the India Dance Festival 2013 for Korzo Theater by choreographer Kalpana Raghuraman for dancers Usha Kanagasabai, Anuradha Pancham and Indu Panday. They are considered to be the top leading Indian classical dancers of The Netherlands. In Samarpan they present a series of solos, duets and trios. 


Samarpan has toured through The Netherlands and India.


Usha, Anuradha and Indu have been with choreographer Kalpana Raghuraman since 2010 starting from Ramayana. Ever since they have been in her next productions Door de Ogen van Mijn Stad and Padme. After Samarpan another trio production followed, Kandam Ostinato. 


Choreography Kalpana Raghuraman in cooperation with Anuradha Pancham,Indu Panday and Usha Kanagasabai | dance Anuradha Pancham, Indu Panday, Usha Kanagasabai. 


Check out the trailer of Samarpan.

Indu Panday Samarpan Chennai

From the press "Samarpan has elevated the Dutch dance community. The three Dutch Bharata Natyam dancers, Anuradha Pancham, Indu Panday and Usha Kanagasabai, ‘have it all’ so to speak. They are well trained in nritta as well as in natya. (…) Only through the in-depth experience in Bharata Natyam of the dancers and choreographer Kalpana Raghuraman could a program like this be made. The choreography shows beautiful patterns and use of floor space in which solos, duets and group choreographies are alternating. With her skills in contemporary choreography Kalpana has reset the standards of Bharata Natyam in The Netherlands." (Pulse Magazine - an UK based dance and music magazine)

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