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The Rite of Spring

Seeta Patel’s Reimagining of The Rite of Spring. Taking the South Indian classical dance form of Bharatanatyam with its intricate rhythmic footwork, expressive prowess, geometric and dynamic movements, award-winning choreographer Seeta Patel takes on the challenge of reimagining the iconic Rite of Spring for an international cast of Bharatanatyam dancers.


Set to be one of the most exciting flirtations between East and West in current times, the production looks beyond notions of the exotic and orientalist perceptions of Eastern classical arts. This performance showcases some of the finest Indian classical dance talent across the globe in an exciting bridge between two very technical, powerful and evocative art forms (Western classical music and Indian classical dance). 

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Director & Choreographer Seeta Patel | Costume design Jason & Anshu (India) | Lighting design Warren Letton | Producer Sarah Shead, Spin-Arts | Administrator  Hayley Youell Principal partner Bagri Foundation | Dancers Ash Mukherjee, Indu Panday, Kamala Devam, Moritz Zavan, Sarah Gasser and Sooraj Subramaniam


‘Tackling a classic takes great bravery, but in her commanding, utterly convincing interpretation Patel has created a must-see epic.’

★★★★★ Culture Whisper

‘A bold cultural crossover of modern Western orchestration and ancient Eastern movement’ 
★★★★ Theatre Reviews North

‘Visceral, raw and poignant’ 

★★★★ The Stage

‘Patel has brought together the Avengers of classical and contemporary Bharatanatyam’

- Writing About Dance

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