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Devi was created for the India Dance Festival 2018 by her gurus Hari & Chethana. This solo was inspired by the Dasha Mahavidhyas, a group of 10 tantric forms of Adi Shakti, the Supreme Goddess in Hinduism. 

The name Mahavidyas comes from the Sanskrit words maha meaning 'great' and vidhya meaning 'reveation, manifestation, knowledge or wisdom'. Therefore the female aspect of the divine (Shakti) is the personification of the universe's primodial energy and therefore the source of all creation. Each Mahavidhya is a form of the Divine Mother. They range from extremely fierce and malevolent to extremely benign and benevolent aspects of the Supreme Goddess. 

Concept, choreography & costume design Hari & Chethana|dance Indu Panday|light Albert Tulling in collaboration with Hari|commisioned by Korzo Productions

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