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Door de Ogen van Mijn Stad

Hindustani dancers, who practice different styles, are stripped loose from their traditional structures, narratives, and music. Choreographer Kalpana Raghuraman brings these dancers together and joins forces with them for the project Door de Ogen van Mijn Stad (Through the Eyes of My City). Moved by the political developments in the Netherlands, she explores matters concerning identity and the breakdown of society into smaller groups; they also examine their own relationship with the city. The story of these diverse and sometimes contradicting worlds are told through the eyes of the dancers.


Different dance styles are used, traditional bharatanatyam, a modern modification of this classical dance form also known as Indian contemporary dance and Indian film dance, popularly referred to as Bollywood. Door de Ogen van Mijn Stad was created and performed in e.g. Korzo Theater and World Form Theater.

View the trailer of Door de Ogen van Mijn Stad and Behind the Scenes video footage.


Door de Ogen van Mijn Stad Robert Benschop Shiv Bajan
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