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Indu Panday, born and raised in The Netherlands is an Indian classical dancer trained both in Bharata Natyam and Kathak.


Starting at age seven, she was initiated in Bharata Natyam by Kalakshetra alumni guru Smt. Geeta Ramlal. Under guru Sri Satish Myre-Makhan she finished her course traditionally by giving a solo performance accompanied by live music (arangetram).

In addition, Indu continued studying this complex art form by taking courses from renowned gurus.


After years of classical Bharata Natyam training, Indu took up a new challenge and started studying Kathak in 2013 under her gurus Sri Hari and Smt. Chethana Hari from Bangalore, India. In the following two years she has trained in India as well as in The Netherlands and finished this course as well by a solo performance.


Indu has collaborated with several internationally acclaimed dancers and choreographers. In the past years, she performed in both classical as contemporary Indian dance productions, led by different choreographers like Kalpana Raghuraman, Seeta Patel, Subhatra Subramaniam, Kenzo Kusuda, Sri Hari and Smt. Chethana Hari and Revanta Sarabhai.

Indu has toured nationally and internationally with several of these productions.


Indu started her studies at the University of Amsterdam in 2010, graduating cum laude in Accountancy for both her Bachelor and Master's degree.

Photo courtesy Sunny Jagesar

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