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Shakunthalam is a timeless classic about love, parting, and approaching. The Indian myth tells of the love between king Dushyanta and the daughter of a nymph, Shakunthala. However, she is cursed by Rishi Durvasa: 'whoever she thinks of shall forget her.' This compelling romantic drama tells her story beautifully through songs, colourful costumes, and fine dance.


Concept by Smt Usha Venkateswaran, music by Praveen D. Rao, choreography, costumes and narration by my kathakgurus Sri Hari and Smt. Chethana Hari. 



From the press:

'Hari and Chethana were the perfect pairing to tell their love story. With trained leg movements and facial expressions, the two cast a spell over the audience. The retelling was made unique with custom-made sets and costumes. (..) Throughout the dance drama, the students of Noopur Performing Art Centre find themselves on the stage, as animals, trees, the wind, friends and more. They put in their all to make the performance a success.' (Deccan Herrald)

This production was made 10 years ago and has been touring ever since. It has been showcased in several places in the United States of America, Canada, many cities in India and now recently in The Netherlands as part of the India Dance Festival 2015 hosted by Korzo Theater.

To view glimpses of this spellbounding dance drama, take a look at the trailer.

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