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Padme is the sequel to the hit production Door de Ogen van Mijn Stad with twenty Hindustani dancers from The Hague.

In the ancient language of Sanskrit, ‘padma’ means lotus flower, a familiar symbol in Hindu and Buddhist faiths. The lotus grows with its roots in the mud through a long stem from the water into the light. A better metaphor for human development is hardly imaginable, the growth being a symbol of spiritual awareness and enlightenment. Kalpana gave the image of the lotus to the dancers as a point of departure. Through ancient Indian dance and modern western dance they depict their own experiences with religion and the relevance of spirituality in today’s society. The mixture of dance styles results in an exciting new movement language.

Padme Photo by Robert Benschot

Indian choreographer Kalpana Raghuraman again combines the forces of a group of young talented dancers. Padme premiered in De Stadschouwburg van Utrecht and has been presented in Korzo Theater as well. 

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