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One of the most widely known Indian mythological stories is the Ramayana; the tale about prince Rama, his love for the beautiful Sita and the battle against the evil king Ravana along with his loyal devotee Hanuman and brother Lakshmana.


This production was created and performed for 2000 primary school children in Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam who has followed a course about the Ramayana 


This production was also performed at the Tropentheater (2012) and De Stadsschouwburg Utrecht (2011) and Theater De Regentes (2010). 

Check out the trailer of this saga. 


Choreography -  Kalpana Raghuraman

Director - Panda van Proosdij



Anuradha Pancham

Usha Kanagasabai

Indu Panday

Andreas Leertouwer

Chrada Sheoratan

Satishkoemar Myre-Makhan

Devika Parbhoesingh



Vocal: Sandhya Sanjana

Nattuwangam: Smt. Sharada Raghuraman

Tabla: Heiko Dijker

Violin: Lenneke van Staalen


Story teller:

Hakim Traïdia/ Sahand Sahebdivani

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